When you are under investigation by authorities, it can be scary and confusing. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re being investigated.

Why am I being investigated?

You are being investigated because you are a person of interest in a crime, and the police need to rule you in or out as a suspect. Sometimes, this is a straightforward process that goes quickly, other times, it is tedious and painful for the person being investigated. Having an attorney on your side from the very beginning can help alleviate some of the stress and pain of the process, and protect you from any injustice and protect your rights.

What if I’m innocent?

Innocent people can become the targets of an investigation through many different avenues, but no matter what your specific circumstance is, speaking to an experienced attorney as soon as possible is imperative. Many times people don’t fully grasp the severity of the crimes they are being accused of, especially when they’re innocent. This level of misunderstanding can also bring with it an ignorance of how much their words–no matter how innocent they may be–can harm them.

Why can’t I just explain my side of things?

The desire to explain your side of a story is normal, but it can do more harm than good when you are speaking with a detective. They do not know you, and they are there to get the facts, not to listen to you with an open mind. Making a statement to the authorities only ensures that your lawyer has fewer avenues to explore down the road to protect your rights and to assist you in your situation. Hiring a lawyer allows you to maintain your innocence and gives you the strongest chance of avoiding charges. Lawyer up before speaking to any detectives.

Hiring the Proper Attorney

Hire a lawyer who fully understands your situation and can explain to you how they plan to tackle it. A good attorney will speak in depth with you prior to you talking to police, and will help you determine if speaking with the police is even a good idea at all. Also, finding an attorney with years of experience will benefit you because they can prepare you for the questions you will be asked and determine the best course of action in your specific case. Getting strong legal counsel when you’re a suspect will help you cope with this stressful situation, while also protecting your rights and increasing your odds of walking away with your freedom.