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If you suspect you have an outstanding warrant or if you have been contacted by a police officer or a detective asking you to go down to the precinct to answer some questions, you would need to consult with a New York City Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible.

Do not talk to the police or make any statements. Anything you say to the police or the detective contacting you would be used against you by the government in a court of law. Often times the police would contact you and say they want to clarify some issues and hear your side of the story. If you are contacted by the police call our offices right away to have an attorney deal with the police and the detective on your behalf.

If you suspect you are under criminal investigation or have an open warrant for your arrest call us and we will represent you in your legal issue. We will investigate potential criminal investigations or any open warrant and could arrange to vacate the warrant in court. If you need to surrender yourself to the police contact our offices to have an attorney arrange the surrender as smooth as possible and protect your rights from early on in your case.

Call our 24-hour offices and speak with an attorney right away. Maryam Jahedi Law Firm is your premier New York City Criminal Defense legal service provider.

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